LARA 3D is a modular, wire-guided camera system. Lara 3D winches are suitable for 2 point linear movements (1-2 winches), 2 point camera-movements including height-changes (2-3 winches) or for complex movements in 3D-space (up to 4 winches) - LARA 3D winches meet all theses requirements, no matter if long distances have to be covered or a compact solution for narrow spaces must be found. Due to their modularity, LARA 3D winches function like building blocks that can be fitted to the most diverse specifications.

The specific construction of a LARA 3D winch allows using it as a classical roll-on/roll-off winch and as a driving unit for configurations comprising load-bearing cables and revolving drive lines.

Depending on on-set requirements, the performance of the system can be adapted to suit the weight of the flight-segment plus camera (up to 100 kg) or the speed requirements (up to 16m/s). This can be achieved by using a variety of drive-unit configurations.

Modular winches for a broad range of applications.