Martin Burger

CEO, Head of Development

After working more than fifteen years constructing and running wire-guided camera systems, our “mastermind” is one of the internationally most experienced technicians and operators in this field. He has covered numerous concerts and athletic events at home as well as abroad (Olympic Games, Tennis French Open, Gravity Games, etc.) and was involved in the production of international feature films, such as “Resident Evil”, “Troja” and “Harry Potter”, responsible for planning, installing and running “Wirecam” systems.

Oliver Kunz

Head of Operation

A trained mechanical engineer, photographer and camera operator, Oliver Kunz has been working in film-making as some kind of “hybrid” between  technology and art for about twenty years. He is a V f/X supervisor and camera operator for motion control system and gyro-stabilised camera systems and widely experienced, contributing to numerous national and international film-productions, both on set and in digital post-production

for film and video.

Mario Cater

Operator / Rigger

For two decades Mario Cater has been technician, camera-man and operator of remote heads and special equipment. He has

been responsible for the realization of innumerable cable-camera set-ups for natural history and sports films as well as international events. His technical knowledge, his creativity, his climbing  and rigging experience make him an invaluable asset

when production conditions get rough.

Christian Dimt, aac

Operator / Rigger

In addition to his two decades as a director of photography, his comprehensive experience in both operating and rigging wire-guided camera systems, Christian Dimt’s metal-working artistry and technical competence, as well as his proficiency as a climber, most aptly complement the know-how of LARA 3D in both areas – production and application of the system.