LARA 3D Control Desk

Up to four winches can be controlled simultaneously by the LARA 3D control desk, developed by us. Our software allows visualising conditions on set and the matching configuration of the installation.

Our software can integrate geometric data and all the other required data – speeds, acceleration, ramps, etc. and modify them while in use.

Flexible view allows free choice of the camera perspective to guarantee optimum overview within the flying zone.


The installation can be operated live by joystick or controller when in “fly by wire” mode, on the other hand, movement can be programmed loading pre-developed motion paths into the 3D control desk.

In both cases the operator’s work is supported by a collision avoidance system, securing movement of the flight segment within a pre-defined space.

This control can either be effectuated by establishing safety zones directly in the software or by importing 3D models from any current 3D software package (Maya, Softimage, Blender, etc.) for the visualization of complex conditions.