LARA 3D Winch Unit

The high capacity reserves of our winches in addition to their passive safety standards allow using them with a wide range of camera models, stabilised and non-stabilised remote heads and for moving actors and stunt personnel safely and fast in real space. Optionally they are equipped with up to two lines of fiber-optics per winch unit including fiber-optic slip-rings, thus eliminating the use of microwave links and allowing the safe transmission of any signal up to HD uncompressed Dual Link 4:4:4. Of course camera heads and any other accessories on the flight-segment

also can be controlled through fiber-optics.


LARA 3D Roll-on/Roll-off

LARA 3D’s roll-on/roll-off system is electronically coupled with the drum. Thus cables of different diameters can be used, adapted to payload and safety requirements. The diameter of the rope (2-8 mm) can be set at the roll-on/roll-off, even at high speeds the rope will be guided cleanly and precisely. Due to its special shape, two ropes can be guided simultaneously, so the winch can also be used with revolving draught cables.

LARA 3D Drive Unit

LARA 3D Drive Units supplement the LARA 3D winch units with different motors and drive configurations. At present they are available in four different power-classes, that is engines and gearboxes, that can be used in either single or coupledtwin engine configuration to augment the winches’ capacity and/or speed.

LARA 3D Power Supply and Amplifier Unit

LARA 3D power supply and amplifier units were specially developed for mobile application. They are lightweight and compact. They supply electric power and control the LARA 3D drive units as well as the LARA 3D roll-on/roll-off system. The communication interface (ethernet) connects individual winches according to requirements. Central navigation is provided by the 3D mover control desk. For their development all pertinent safety regulations were taken  into account, to secure, in case of emergency,  controlled shutdown of individual winches

as well as of the entire system.

LARA 3D Brake Unit

In case of special safety requirements – e.g. overhead of public, on stages or for stunts – a further external brake can be included in the configuration of our winches, in addition to the brakes integrated in our drive units. This brake originates in stage technologies and meets all safety requirements pertinent to peoplemovers.  It is a doubly redundant two-circuit brake, providing at least 50% of its nominal power and sufficient safety reserves even in case of failure of one circuit.

LARA 3D Flight Segment

Our LARA 3D flight segment is configurated as an open platform camera support. A large number of cameras and stabilising systems totalling up to 100kg can be integrated. Control signal and image transmission can be carried out via microwave link, or, if desired, during live application, via fiber-optics. Batteries, integrated in the flight segment, provide the power required.